Each child deserves a chance to live a healthy and fulfilling life, free from the grip of cancer. Yet, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) continues to affect countless young lives, leaving families devastated and children fighting for survival. The S.K.Y. Program, an acronym for Supporting Kids with Youthful resilience in the fight against Bone Marrow Cancer, is a comprehensive initiative aimed at providing holistic support and care to children battling bone marrow cancer. We believe that with the power of resilience, hope, and unwavering support, these young warriors can conquer their challenges and soar towards a brighter future. The S.K.Y. Program encompasses a range of services and resources tailored to meet the unique needs of children with bone marrow cancer and their families. Your generous fund through this program, we offer

Specialized Medical Care

Treatment from renowned pediatric oncologists and hematologists experienced in treating bone marrow cancer who will offer personalized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each child. Little warriors will have access to State-of-the-art diagnostic technologies and treatment modalities to provide the best possible care.

Kid-centric Support

Emotional and psychological counseling services to help children and their families navigate the emotional impact of bone marrow cancer. Support groups and activities where children can connect with peers facing similar challenges, fostering a sense of camaraderie and empowerment. Educational resources and workshops to empower children with knowledge about their condition, treatment, and self-care.

Youthful Resilience

Encouragement of a positive mindset and the development of coping strategies to help children face their cancer journey with strength and resilience. Engagement in age-appropriate activities and creative outlets to promote self-expression and boost self-esteem. Opportunities for children to share their stories, inspire others, and become advocates for bone marrow cancer awareness. Join us in our medical fundraising campaign for S.K.Y program and become a beacon of hope for children battling bone marrow cancer. Together, we can help them reach for the SKY and embrace a future filled with possibilities.


The SKY Foundation is working to provide families with the funds and support they need to get life-saving medical care for their children.